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Explore the science of NAD+ before starting NMN. This knowledge will illuminate the transforrmative effects ahead. Unfold of new era anti-aging.


Upon starting NMN supplementation, many experience an immediate boost in energy and vitality, enhancing muscle strength, brain function, and mitochondrial efficiency. This uplift spreads to cardiovascular, liver, and metabolic health, also improving skin and immune function.

These benefits ease daily tasks and sharpen mental clarity. Targeting muscle, cognitive, and cellular vitality, NMN shows great promise in improving life quality and supporting longevity. embodying a comprehensive anti-aging solution.

Not all NMN is the same

  • 1000mg per dose
  • Highest dosage in the market
  • Most optimal for NAD+ benefits
  • Sourced & Made in Germany
  • Tested in Switzerland
2 Hours

NMN is Absorbed by Your Cells

Research shows that NMN is absorbed quickly from the gut into the bloodstream, typically within minutes, and is transported into tissues in 10 to 30 minutes. This swift movement is the precursor to important biochemical reactions.

The quick utilization of NMN for NAD+ biosynthesis is made possible by a specialized NMN transporter known as Slc12a8. This transporter, particularly abundant in the small intestine, facilitates the rapid uptake of NMN.

24 Hours

NMN Infuses in Blood Cells

Just 24 hours after taking NMN, there's a notable increase in cell activity. Human studies show a rise in NAD+ metabolites in blood plasma soon after starting NMN, with levels steadily increasing, suggesting improved NAD+ use in cells. This means your cells quickly benefit from higher NAD+ to support numerous vital functions.

After a day, there could be a subtle increase in energy levels and perhaps a slightly improved sense of well-being, as cellular functions start to benefit from enhanced NAD+ synthesis.

7 days

Mitochondrial Enhancement Begins

As your NAD+ levels keep increasing, by the seventh day, they enhance the function of your cells' powerhouses - the mitochondria, where cellular energy is produced. Research on human kidney cells treated with NMN for seven days showed an increase in mitochondrial replication.

Within a week, you may notice improved energy and endurance, making physical activities or workouts feel a bit easier.

MASI has been acknowledged by

MASI, a leader in anti-aging and longevity, has been recognized by esteemed institutions like NYU and Yale University. Our pioneering research and prestigious developments in science have garnered mentions, citations, and acknowledgments in their scholarly resources, underscoring our contributions to the field and the trust placed in our innovative approaches.

1 Month

Up to a 100% Rise in NAD+ Levels

After a month of supplementation, research shows a significant 100% rise in blood NAD+ levels from the baseline levels relative to your age. This boost is maintained with the daily 1000 mg optimal dose of MASI NMN, demonstrating its effectiveness in enhancing cellular NAD+ levels in healthy individuals.

You may start to notice enhanced mental clarity and cognitive function may become noticeable, alongside sustained energy levels throughout the day.

3 Months

Physical Attributes from NMN

As we shift focus from cellular to systemic benefits, your overall fitness might see enhancements. Research highlighted in Nature Aging showed that NAD+ is a key metabolite that diminishes in aging muscle, yet maintaining high levels of NAD+ correlates with robust muscle function. A separate clinical study discovered that taking NMN orally resulted in improvements in muscle strength and performance among healthy older men.

By the third month, many experience a newfound sense of vigor and a palpable enhancement in muscle firmness.

6 Months

Inner Vitality, Outer Beauty

Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) serve as biochemical indicators of skin aging due to their role in the cross-linking of collagen and elastin, which compromises skin elasticity and appearance. In a controlled clinical study targeting healthy postmenopausal women, daily supplementation with 300mg of NMN saw a significant reduction in the levels of AGEs within the skin.

Six months into NMN supplementation, skin often looks visibly rejuvenated, glowing, smoother, and firmer.

MASI is backed by research from

Dr. LeBrasseur, a Professor at Mayo Clinic's Department of Physical Medicine and Director at the Robert & Arlene Kogod Center on Aging, is a cornerstone of MASI NMN's development. As Co-Director at the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research, his expertise in aging research and biology functions in longevity shapes the foundation of MASI's NMN. His focus ensures that the science behind NMN is not just pioneering but deeply rooted in longevity.

Nathan K. LaBrasseur, Ph.D., PT

At the helm of MASI's NMN scientific development is Dr. Kales, a distinguished Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Division Chief OEM at Cambridge Alliance. His leadership extends to overseeing the science behind NMN's effects, leveraging his expertise as Director of Occupational Medicine Residency at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health to ensure MASI NMN is grounded in cutting-edge research.

Stefanos N. Kales, MD, MPH, FACP, FACOEM
9 Months

Optimal Insulin Responsiveness

At 9 months, significant changes could be occurring in your muscles. A clinical study on prediabetic women highlighted two key findings. Firstly, there was an uptick in NMN metabolites within skeletal muscle tissue, indicating an increased use of NAD+.

Secondly, the study suggested that NMN could aid in maintaining healthy insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscles and assist in regulating gene expression associated with muscle remodeling. This involves the renewal of muscle proteins, organelles, and cell populations.

1 Year

It's Been Your Best Year

Celebrating a year of NAD+ replenishment against aging. Remember, NAD+ decreases by up to 50% every 20 years. Maintaining a consistent NMN routine is vital, as studies indicate NAD+ levels revert to baseline four weeks post-supplementation cessation. Just like exercise, sleep, and diet, consistency in NMN intake is essential for enduring benefits.

After a year, including a long period of 40% higher NAD+ levels, clinical trials report significant health improvements, such as increased walking speed and doubled telomere length in certain cells, demonstrating the profound systemic health benefits of increased NAD+.

5 Years

The Long Game Counts The Most

Over five years of consistent MASI NMN supplementation at a robust 1000mg daily dose, users undergo remarkable cognitive enhancements rooted in scientific research. Studies reveal heightened mitochondrial efficiency and improved metabolic health, fostering optimal brain function. Markers of cellular aging decrease significantly, supporting enhanced cognitive abilities, memory retention, and mental acuity.

You may notice a clearer mental state, improved focus, and heightened cognitive performance. MASI NMN's potent dosage plays a pivotal role in nurturing these cognitive benefits, offering a profound foundation for sustained mental sharpness and cognitive vitality across the years.


Results differ from person to person. The provided timeline might not reflect the average buyer's experience and should not be seen as a guarantee that others will achieve identical or comparable outcomes.


Results differ from person to person. The provided timeline might not reflect the average buyer's experience and should not be seen as a guarantee that others will achieve identical or comparable outcomes.

MASI customers share their reviews

Verified Buyer

"I was skeptical at first, but the lab tests convinced me to give it a try. In just a few weeks, I've seen noticeable improvements in my skin and overall well-being. Highly recommend!"


Verified Buyer

"After retiring, my kids buy me this. My friends also talk about aging a lot. I've been taking it for a few months now, and I've noticed increase in my energy and brain. It's a valuable to me daily routine. My kids feel good i take it."


Verified Buyer

"Took NMN for a month now. Surprisingly, I feel a tad more vibrant each day. Didn't expect much, but it's pleasingly noticeable"


“I'm convinced that MASI supplements enhance cellular health and address several aging-related issues. It's a key component of my overall longevity strategy. This strategy includes MASI, regular exercise and a balanced diet, all working together to support a vibrant and healthy life in the years to come.”

Dr. Wolfgang Bucke, Ph.D.,Senior Pharmacist and Board Member