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Up to 2 months supply!

Restores vitality in every cell of the body. Learn more



Up to 2 months supply!

Turns on a special gene, Sirtuin 1, that slows down aging. Learn more



Up to 2 months supply!

Fights aging by promoting autophagy in the body. Learn more



Up to 2 months supply!

Helps eliminate harmful senescent “zombie” cells. Learn more


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There are so many anti-aging supplements out there. It can be difficult knowing where to start. By answering just a few questions we can help narrow it down and recommend the best plan for you. All MASI anti-aging supplements are sourced and made in Germany. Tested in Switzerland to ensure the highest quality.

See Why People Love Masi

Recommended NMN from very youthful 50 year old friend

Started NMN on a friend's recommendation. Can't say it's been life-changing, but I do feel slightly more alert and less tired by the end of the day. The effects are not huge, but for someone in their late 40s like me, every little bit helps.


Verified Buyer

Anti Aging supplements are worth a try, you can never do too much for your health

I was half-expecting NMN to be just another overhyped supplement, but I'm genuinely pleased with the results! It's been about two months, and I've noticed a real increase in my daily energy levels and mental clarity. The changes are subtle but definitely there. For someone who's generally sceptical about supplements, I'm quite impressed and looking forward to seeing more benefits.


Verified Buyer

Good supplement for 50 and older

Two months in, and the change in my energy levels is subtle but real. It’s not a cure-all, but as an addition. I like it for the science, I do feel a bit more 'alive' each day. At my age, every bit of vitality counts. I am 56 and my kids want me to take other stuff too


Verified Buyer

My kids buy for me

After retiring, my kids buy me this. My friends also talk about aging a lot. I've been taking it for a few months now, and I've noticed increase in my energy and brain. It's a valuable to me daily routine. My kids feel good i take it.


Verified Buyer

4 Months of NMN

Been using NMN for a couple of months now. I can say I've noticed changes, but there's a subtle difference in how I feel daily, this is a good sign and you're supposed to take NMN for at least 6 months. Less foggy in the brain, maybe? It's pricey, but there is no limit how much I will spend on my health


Verified Buyer

I like the brand, have tried a few others

My decision to purchase NMN was largely influenced by Masi's branding, which struck me as particularly science-driven and transparent compared to other brands. After several months of consistent use, noticeable energy levels and cognitive function. It feels kind of like coffee but without the crazy energy.


Verified Buyer

Good stuff, Arrived fast

Took NMN for a month now. Surprisingly, I feel a tad more vibrant each day. Didn't expect much, but it's pleasingly noticeable


Verified Buyer

read nmn studies before you buy, resveratrol is good for aging too

Read about NMN decided to test it. Mild improvements in alertness and wellbeing. Have tried some of the other stuff, I currently have 3 different NMN and Resveratrol brands. Masi feels the most quality by the package and the supplement and has good information. I will purchase from the my favorite one when I run out


Verified Buyer

I believe in the science of this

After reading a fair bit about NMN and its potential anti-aging benefits, I decided to give it a go. While the scientific community still seems divided, I personally have observed some improvement in my overall wellbeing. It's no magic pill, but the science behind it is intriguing enough to keep me going.


Verified Buyer

Effective dosage


Effective dosage

  • Premium NMN: 1000 mg of pure NMN
  • Premium Resveratrol: 500 mg of pure Resveratrol
  • Premium Spermidine: 3 mg of pure Spermidine
  • Premium Fisetin: 500 mg of pure Fisetin

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