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NMN (NAD+ Precursor) - 99% PURITY

Premium NMN

Premium NMN

NAD+ Booster for Cellular Anti-Aging
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NMN is crucial for producing NAD+, essential for cellular energy. As we age, our NAD+ production declines, dropping to about half by age 50. MASI's Premium NMN, backed by research from The Mayo Clinic and Harvard University, offers a way to replenish NAD+, counteracting aging, and promoting sustained health and youthfulness.

✓ Restore vitality in all cells of the body

✓ Regenerate NAD+ levels to 100% of the body's optimal limit

✓ Counters natural effects of aging

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MASI is the only line of longevity supplements featuring 100% German materials & engineering.

From source to capsule,
pure transparency.

MASI prioritizes honesty and transparency.
While most companies vaguely claim
"made in [country]" without proof, we openly share our entire process. Ensuring our customers have the full, verifiable story.

Extend your years of vibrant living.


EXCELLENT 4.9 based on 41 reviews

The only brand I will use, other brands make me feel nautious

When I take other brands on empty stomach my body feels very bad and I feel like vomit. But with this brand I don't feel anything bad. I take on morning and one night. I bought the whole package. I waited one month before write a review. I feel very good and will now take the subscription.


Verified Buyer

Noticeable differences in weeks and highly recommend this product

I was skeptical at first, but the lab tests convinced me to give it a try. In just a few weeks, I've seen noticeable improvements in my skin and overall well-being. Highly recommend!


Verified Buyer

Recommended NMN from very youthful 50 year old friend

Started NMN on a friend's recommendation. Can't say it's been life-changing, but I do feel slightly more alert and less tired by the end of the day. The effects are not huge, but for someone in their late 40s like me, every little bit helps.


Verified Buyer

Good supplement for 50 and older

Two months in, and the change in my energy levels is subtle but real. It’s not a cure-all, but as an addition. I like it for the science, I do feel a bit more 'alive' each day. At my age, every bit of vitality counts. I am 56 and my kids want me to take other stuff too


Verified Buyer

My kids buy for me

After retiring, my kids buy me this. My friends also talk about aging a lot. I've been taking it for a few months now, and I've noticed increase in my energy and brain. It's a valuable to me daily routine. My kids feel good i take it.


Verified Buyer

4 Months of NMN

Been using NMN for a couple of months now. I can say I've noticed changes, but there's a subtle difference in how I feel daily, this is a good sign and you're supposed to take NMN for at least 6 months. Less foggy in the brain, maybe? It's pricey, but there is no limit how much I will spend on my health


Verified Buyer

Good stuff, Arrived fast

Took NMN for a month now. Surprisingly, I feel a tad more vibrant each day. Didn't expect much, but it's pleasingly noticeable


Verified Buyer

I believe in the science of this

After reading a fair bit about NMN and its potential anti-aging benefits, I decided to give it a go. While the scientific community still seems divided, I personally have observed some improvement in my overall wellbeing. It's no magic pill, but the science behind it is intriguing enough to keep me going.


Verified Buyer

“I'm convinced that MASI supplements enhance cellular health and address several aging-related issues. It's a key component of my overall longevity strategy. This strategy includes MASI, regular exercise and a balanced diet, all working together to support a vibrant and healthy life in the years to come.”

Dr. Wolfgang Bucke, Ph.D.,Senior Pharmacist and Board Member

Our lab results speak for themselves. 99.1% pure NMN, 0.9% water.

All MASI supplements are rigorously tested in third-party labs in Switzerland. Supplements undergo purity, microbiology and heavy metal tests.

Lab Results

Boost NAD+ levels up to 100% in just 4 weeks.

What is NAD+?

Healthy aging is linked to NAD+ levels

Research featured in the prestigious journal Nature Aging indicates a significant correlation between levels of NAD+ and overall health during human aging.

NAD+, short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a critical compound present in every cell of the human body. This molecule plays a vital role in numerous biological processes, acting as a key player in the metabolic reactions that power our cells and, by extension, our entire bodies. Its presence and function are fundamental to maintaining cellular vitality.




Unfortunately, NAD+ levels decline with age.

NAD+ levels by age

Age in years

Studies indicate that starting anti-aging efforts in your 30's is optimal. Incorporating NAD+ enhancers like NMN into your daily regimen can rejuvenate NAD+ levels to what they were in your 20's, effectively aiding in the anti-aging process.

Renowned Harvard scientist David Sinclair defends this stance with his research, highlighting the critical role of sirtuins - a family of proteins that depend on NAD+ and are essential for cellular health. Sirtuins regulate cellular processes like DNA repair, inflammation reduction, and mitochondrial function. NMN, a precursor to NAD+, is crucial in this process as it helps replenish declining NAD+ levels, effectively rejuvenating cells and mirroring the vitality experienced in one’s 20s.

Sinclair’s studies affirm the significant impact of NAD+ and NMN in promoting longevity and combating the signs of aging.

Chart your journey with MASI NMN

From Day 1 to Day 365
Day 01

Your body is already elevating NAD+ levels at the cellular scale. This internal increase is boosting cellular vitality and initiating the renewal process, serving as crucial upkeep for your proteome and genome, including mechanisms to defend against oxidative damage and stress.

Day 30

You've reached a pivotal milestone. Your cellular NAD+ levels have increased by +100%. Continuing with MASI NMN will help maintain these elevated levels, marking the start of significant changes. With sustained NMN intake, your body begins to adapt, particularly in the heart and brain, you will experience transformations.

Day 60

Your body has been at an elevated NAD+ level for 30 days. The NAD+ in your body is enhancing your heart's cellular energy, crucial for its continuous beating. It's actively fighting oxidative stress and reducing inflammation, key factors in heart health. Simultaneously, it's aiding in the repair of your heart cells.

Day 180

You’re at the 6 month mark. Your most notable improvement is the cellular energy in your brain, which is crucial for cognitive functions like memory and acuity. This increase in NAD+ is actively supporting your neurons, boosting the energy metabolism within your brain cells, maintaining and improving your mental acuity and memory functions.

Day 365

Well done, you’ve completed 365 days of MASI NMN. This marks just the beginning of your graceful aging journey. Your choice to integrate a balanced diet, regular exercise, mental stimulation, and supplementation has set a strong foundation for a fulfilling future. Keep building on this path of healthy aging and longevity, continually expanding your knowledge and nurturing your well-being.

Less age-related worries. More life.

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personalized MASI anti-aging plan

Who should be taking anti-aging supplements?

  • Age 30-45, notices the body's evolving needs, observing the emergence of wrinkles and fine lines, sensing emotional reactions to aging and experiencing a decline in energy and memory.
  • Science-based thinkiners, motivated by scientific research and discoveries, fascinated by the pursuit of graceful aging and longevity, dedicated to investing time and resources in anti-aging strategies.
  • Advocates for healthy lifestyle choices, strongly focused on a nutritious diet and regular exercise, committed to proactive change and the use of supplements for well-being.
  • Age 45-80, visible signs of aging, decline in skin elasticity and firmness, increases physical fatigue, memory lapses, mild to extreme cognitive decline, pursuing enhancements in the essential years, aspiring for overall well-being.

Core features of our products

Shop our bundles

Wellness Regimen

A carefully curated starter pack features NMN and Resveratrol, two powerhouse supplements known for anti-aging properties. NMN a NAD+ booster and resveratrol, a potent antioxidant.

2 999 SEK MSRP 3 153 SEK

Health Apex

Step up your health with NMN and Spermidine, combined to deliver advanced anti-aging benefits. NMN, enhances cellular vitality, while Spermidine promotes cellular renewal and longevity.

3 438 SEK MSRP 3 627 SEK

Vitality Boost

A powerhouse of rejuvenation, thoughtfully combining NMN, Spermidine, and Fisetin to amplify your anti-aging efforts. NMN directly boosting NAD+, remaining as the foundation, followed by Spermidine enhancing this effect by promoting cellular autophagy, the body's rejuvenating process and Fisetin adds to this dynamic trio by targeting age-related cellular inflammation and stress.

4 955 SEK MSRP 5 216 SEK

Longevity Legacy

The Longevity Legacy bundle is the pinnacle of anti-aging excellence, featuring a potent combination of all four MASI supplements. This quartet represents the ultimate in longevity science. NMN boosts vital cellular energy and metabolism, while Resveratrol, a renowned antioxidant, combats oxidative stress. Spermidine contributes by enhancing cellular autophagy and Fisetin completes this powerful ensemble by targeting age-related cellular inflammation Together, these supplements offer an unparalleled, comprehensive approach to aging, ensuring not just extended years, but a life enriched with vitality and wellness. The "Longevity Legacy" bundle is the epitome of a holistic, advanced anti-aging solution.

5 927 SEK MSRP 6 235 SEK

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