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Induces autophagy to remove damaged cells
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Aging is partly due to reduced autophagy, our body's system for removing and recycling damaged cellular components, which is crucial for maintaining cellular health and longevity. Spermidine plays a vital role in keeping us youthful by boosting this autophagy process, targeting senescent or "zombie" cells for removal. Incorporating MASI Premium Spermidine into your daily routine helps clear out these harmful cells, diminishing the likelihood of age-related diseases.

✓ Facilitates weight loss

✓ Promotes a healthy autophagy process

✓ Optimizes mitochondrial energy production

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MASI is the only line of longevity supplements featuring 100% German materials & engineering.

From source to capsule,
pure transparency.

MASI prioritizes honesty and transparency.
While most companies vaguely claim
"made in [country]" without proof, we openly share our entire process. Ensuring our customers have the full, verifiable story.

Extend your years of vibrant living.


EXCELLENT 4.9 based on 29 reviews

Pricey, but good stuff

Started taking this supplement after hearing Andrew Huberman rave about it, and honestly, I get the hype now. There's a noticeable uptick in my overall well-being and focus. If it's good enough for a brain expert, definitely worth a shot for me. Seeing some solid results already!


Verified Buyer

Haven't heard of spermidine before

I love it though, I havent tried the other sutff, but I plan on ordering the entire line of supplements


Verified Buyer

Early impressions of my supplement experiment, things are looking up

Didn't expect much, but wow, okay. These supplements have quietly blown my expectations out of the water. I've noticed a clearer mind and steadier energy levels throughout the day. Plus, my sleep has improved, which was a total surprise bonus. Curious to see how much better it gets with more time.


Verified Buyer

Tried out these health boosters on a whim, pleasantly surprised

Was skeptical, but I'm pleasantly surprised. Haven't jheard much about spermidine, but I ordered with all the other supplements they have, nmn, resveratrol and fisetin. I feel tons of energy


Verified Buyer

Jumped into the world of longevity supplements after some intense research

I'm actually seeing some improvements. Started with a bit of skepticism, but these days, I wake up feeling more energized and focused. It's like I've got this subtle new edge to my day that wasn't there before. Definitely sticking with it to see where this goes.


Verified Buyer

“I'm convinced that MASI supplements enhance cellular health and address several aging-related issues. It's a key component of my overall longevity strategy. This strategy includes MASI, regular exercise and a balanced diet, all working together to support a vibrant and healthy life in the years to come.”

Dr.Wolfgang Bucke, Ph.D.,Senior Pharmacist and Board Member

Our lab results speak for themselves. 100% pure Spermidine.

All MASI supplements are rigorously tested in third-party labs in Switzerland. Supplements undergo purity, microbiology and heavy metal tests.

Lab Results

Increase autophagic activity by up to 30% enhancing cellular rejuvenation.

What is Spermidine?

Enhanced Cellular Renewal with Spermidine Tied to Age-Well Benefits

Spermidine, a polyamine discovered in 1678, is found in foods like aged cheese, mushrooms, and legumes. It's known for promoting autophagy, aiding in cellular renewal, which is vital for anti-aging. Spermidine may improve cardiovascular health, reduce blood pressure, and offer neuroprotective benefits and lowering the risk of neurodegenerative diseases.

David Sinclair, a renowned longevity scientist, incorporates 1mg of Spermidine daily into his anti-aging regimen. This practice is rooted in Spermidine's role in promoting autophagy, the body's process of cellular cleanup and renewal, which is crucial for maintaining cellular health and longevity. His approach reflects a growing interest in leveraging natural compounds to support the body's own


Less age-related worries. More life.

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Who should be taking anti-aging supplements?

  • Age 30-45, notices the body's evolving needs, observing the emergence of wrinkles and fine lines, sensing emotional reactions to aging and experiencing a decline in energy and memory.
  • Science-based thinkiners, motivated by scientific research and discoveries, fascinated by the pursuit of graceful aging and longevity, dedicated to investing time and resources in anti-aging strategies.
  • Advocates for healthy lifestyle choices, strongly focused on a nutritious diet and regular exercise, committed to proactive change and the use of supplements for well-being.
  • Age 45-80, visible signs of aging, decline in skin elasticity and firmness, increases physical fatigue, memory lapses, mild to extreme cognitive decline, pursuing enhancements in the essential years, aspiring for overall well-being.

Core features of our products

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Wellness Regimen

A carefully curated starter pack features NMN and Resveratrol, two powerhouse supplements known for anti-aging properties. NMN a NAD+ booster and resveratrol, a potent antioxidant.

$281.00 USD MSRP $296.00 USD

Health Apex

Step up your health with NMN and Spermidine, combined to deliver advanced anti-aging benefits. NMN, enhances cellular vitality, while Spermidine promotes cellular renewal and longevity.

$322.00 USD MSRP $340.00 USD

Vitality Boost

A powerhouse of rejuvenation, thoughtfully combining NMN, Spermidine, and Fisetin to amplify your anti-aging efforts. NMN directly boosting NAD+, remaining as the foundation, followed by Spermidine enhancing this effect by promoting cellular autophagy, the body's rejuvenating process and Fisetin adds to this dynamic trio by targeting age-related cellular inflammation and stress.

$464.00 USD MSRP $489.00 USD

Longevity Legacy

The Longevity Legacy bundle is the pinnacle of anti-aging excellence, featuring a potent combination of all four MASI supplements. This quartet represents the ultimate in longevity science. NMN boosts vital cellular energy and metabolism, while Resveratrol, a renowned antioxidant, combats oxidative stress. Spermidine contributes by enhancing cellular autophagy and Fisetin completes this powerful ensemble by targeting age-related cellular inflammation Together, these supplements offer an unparalleled, comprehensive approach to aging, ensuring not just extended years, but a life enriched with vitality and wellness. The "Longevity Legacy" bundle is the epitome of a holistic, advanced anti-aging solution.

$555.00 USD MSRP $584.00 USD

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